Family Fun For The 4th

2 (treats) + 2 (ingredients each) = 4 (th of July)

Summer is in full swing, which likely means you're gearing up to host or attend a 4th of July celebration very soon.  Hopefully your plans include getting outdoors and soaking up some sunshine.  If so, we've got a few cool and refreshing crowd-pleasing treats that couldn't be easier to make.  We love both of these holiday-themed goodies because they are incredibly easy to make.  Each treat only has two ingredients -- and they can be prepared and assembled in about two minutes each, as well.  They're kid and parent approved on all counts: the little ones can essentially assemble them on their own, they're undeniably delicious, and one of them is even nutritious!  We've prepped a shopping list here for you - so that's even one less step...  Need we convince you any further to make both of these right away?

Here's hoping that these help you to stay cool and add a little fun to your 4th of July celebration!

Sprinkled Sandwiches

Shopping List

ice cream sandwiches - we used Julie's Organic
red/white/blue sprinkles



Spill some festive sprinkles onto a plate.

Unwrap ice cream sandwiches and dip each side into the sprinkles.

Tip: don't allow the ice cream sandwiches to sit outside the freezer very long, as they will become soft and will be more likely to break.

Place these colorful creations onto a platter and return them to the freezer until you're ready to enjoy them.

Star Wands

Shopping List

bamboo skewers
star-shaped cookie cutter


Slice the watermelon into 1" thick pieces. *This step is for adults only, please!
Press the star cookie cutter into watermelon slices.

Tip: plan ahead before inserting the cutter so that you can get as many stars as possible from each slice.

Cut up extra watermelon "scraps" to enjoy immediately or refrigerate for later.



After washing blueberries, slide them onto the bamboo skewers. Use your own creative eye to determine how many you'd like -- but be sure to leave some space on the bottom for holding the wands.

Tip: large blueberries work best!

As a finishing touch, attach one watermelon star to the top of each skewer - and enjoy!

Fashion Must-Haves To Make Your Summer Wardrobe A Breeze

Ah, Summer. The glorious months we wait all year for – an entire season of carefree days full of sun, fun, family, and friends! Whether you find yourself on staycay or vacay, these practical fashion faves will ensure that the hardest decision you’ll be making will be where to rosé all day. Now let’s hook you up from head to toe with three closet additions that will make you wonder how you ever survived summer without.


Whether you’re gallivanting the globe or chillin’ close to home, you’re bound to be out in those fabulous summer rays from time to time. What’s not fabulous though is skin damage. Or bouffant beach hair. Sun hats are like your best friend – dependable, protective, and a fantastic self-esteem boost for those days when you’re just not feelin’ it. Buying a designated packable sun hat will free you from the hassle of carefully carrying it around (and most likely leaving it somewhere) and guarantee that it won’t be a misshapen pancake when you retrieve it from your bag.

Eric Javits designs brilliant hats that are tested to block out 95% of UVA/UVB rays and provide the highest rating of 50+ UPF. Fashion and function, now that’s what I’m talking about! Squishee® is the brand’s proprietary technology that allows for hats to be rolled up for completely damage free travel! Investing in a high-quality sun hat is key for protection, so don’t skimp and save money on this purchase - save your skin! With endless style and material options, selecting the perfect hat comes down to personal preference – simply pick the one that makes you feel most like a fabulous lady of leisure, dahling.

This classic fedora with a modern feel is a no-brainer and will go with absolutely everything in your closet.

 ‘Phoenix’ Packable Fedora Sun Hat


Now don’t get your panties in a bunch right off the bat, ladies. It’s time to drop your preconceived notions about jumpsuits! Yes, the number one complaint I hear from clients when I suggest this style is comfortability: long torso + one piece = wedgie. The runner-up is fear of looking like a disco queen. It was only a few short weeks ago that I personally sparked up my own love affair with a super sweet jumpsuit - black ribbed cotton with a wrap front halter top and delicate bow at the waist. I would have never imagined that this jean-wearing babe could feel so chic in a onesie! The best part? Worrying about what to wear on the top or bottom is completely irrelevant because, well, it’s already ready already!

To really lock in on the style that works best for you, I suggest trying on at least a handful to test compatibility with your curves. There are quite a few variations, such as off-shoulder, strapless, spaghetti-strap, halter neck, traditional tank… choose the one that highlights your favorite upper-body feature, be it bust, shoulder, or arms. Remember that solid colors tend to extend the vertical line of your body, while patterns may require belting to create a waistline. Vertical stripes are flattering on most body types because they create a long and lean illusion with less focus on the silhouette!

Vertical stripes blend seamlessly with solid staple pieces (like the sun hat and slides we paired them with) to channel summer city to beach chic in a second! Here are two of our faves!



In my humble opinion, the slide is absolutely the shoe of the season! From athletic to dressy, flat to wedge, rubber to leather, there are so many awesome options you’ll probably need a few. (And they’ll be worth every penny.) There’s nothing better than slipping your freshly pedicured tootsies in and out of a slide for maximum summer ease - keeping things simple is definitely my M.O. They’re a space-saving dream to pack, super-versatile to style, and pretty much perfect for a stroll to the local coffee shop. Whether you choose pool, platform, plain or pretty, these sandals are sure to provide you plenty of summer mileage. 

For a chic twist on a basic go-to, I have to admit I’m emotionally tied up with this one right now.

Zara Leather Slide with Knot Detail

Remember, fashion should be fun. Gather up a few girlfriends and hit the shops together! And don’t forget the most important tip I share with my clients: Always be true to yourself and your own unique personal style because that is sure to make you the life of any party this summer. 

Kristin Bjorge is a commercial stylist, self-image coach, and energy therapist based in West Hollywood, CA. Find out how she can assist you in healing and transformation, on the inside and out!

Best Bins To Organize IKEA’s Kallax

We love everything about IKEA’s Kallax Bookshelf!  Its clean lines makes it an easy design choice for almost any space.  Its functionality is perfect for organizing virtually every room in the house — we’ve purchased this piece for clients’ play spaces, bedrooms, offices and garages.  And its affordability makes the Kallax an obvious choice among similar storage pieces on the market.  Since we install this piece so often, we’ve curated a collection of some of our favorite bins to use to even further optimize this bookshelf’s organizing potential…  Happy Organizing!

Frisco Magazine Files

Frisco Magazine File


Clearly Contained

We love the style and functionality of food storage containers.  And if it’s a Pinterest perfect pantry design you desire, they are a must!  But it’s important to understand that maintaining a pantry with this aesthetic is a commitment requiring an extra step when you put your groceries away.

As organizing experts, we’re fans of these containers because they allow you to see how much of each product you have left.  We’re proponents of anything that reduces over-buying and eliminates wasting of food.  So in our minds, you’re winning on two counts -- form and functionality!

We suggest labeling the not-so-obvious items (sugar vs. salt; gluten free crackers vs. glutinous).  Feeling inspired to get started?  You can shop for some of our favorite food storage containers right here...  Happy Pantry Organizing! 

Artisan Canisters

Mason Jars

Pop Canisters