Joni and Kitt, close friends with undeniable professional synergy, co-founded Practically Perfect in 2014 with a mission to help clients achieve tranquility in their lives through organizational systems that are realistic and maintainable.

Prior to the inception of Practically Perfect, Joni was an award-winning early childhood educator.  She has always believed that there is a deep connection between an organized environment and productive, successful engagement.  Joni remains passionate about helping families create spaces that foster age-appropriate independence, connection and harmony.  

As a highly-regarded event planner in Washington, D.C., Kitt's knack for organizing professionally was abundantly clear.  Upon moving to Los Angeles, she recognized a personal need for organization in her life to counterbalance the burgeoning clutter that accompanies a growing family.

Joni and Kitt’s partnership harmoniously combines their distinct perspectives on organizing to produce innovative and unparalleled results.  The Practically Perfect team is distinguished for using client-specific criteria, including attention to household functionality and design preferences, to ensure that solutions are both practical and perfect.